Buying Plantation Shutters

There are many types of plantation shutters in fact there are 5 main ones. If you are thinking about buying plantation shutters, then consider The 5 main shutters designs are, Full Height Shutters, Half Height, Top Opening, Shaped and those that are Track Mounted. Of these the most popular is the full height plantation shutters.    […]

Interior Shutters

Our dedicated team of shutter design experts are standing by to help you choose the right shutters for your home. Interior Plantation Shutters can be used for many different types of windows, including kitchen windows, bathroom widows, bay windows or conservatories. In fact you would be surprised where some people want their shutters fitted. When […]

Getting the best from Plantation Shutters

Shutters are a fantastic way to dress your windows and enhance the look of your home. Plantation shutters are versatile and can fit any window size and design which make the ideal for homes with different shaped or different sizes of windows. Plantation shutters have increasingly gained popularity as they are extremely versatile and there […]

Plantation Shutters

Thinking of Buying Plantation shutters Our plantation shutters are made from high quality basswood, from the Lime Tree family, which makes the shutters strong and durable and are imported from our factory in China, which is also run by a small company there. We have many satisfied customers and have been established as a family […]