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At Affordable Shutters, we have installed many plantation shutters in Bristol.

They can be installed to offer sunlight control, for security, to provide privacy, to protect against weather elements and to enhance aesthetics. Shutters are mounted to overlap the window or to fit within the opening. There are two types of shutters. They can be exterior shutters mounted on the outside or interior shutters. Plantation Shutters Bristol

Interior shutters hinge on both sides of the window and swing inwards to allow light to enter a room. There are different types of interior shutters though they all have louvers. There are those with operable louvers that rotate to open or close. These types are referred to plantation shutters, California shutters or traditional shutters.

The other type of interior shutters use immovable louvers that do not rotate. There are those shutters that are solid panels that can be raised, recessed or flat. There still other types that that are made from glass and others have decorative fabric inserted in them. Interior shutters may be single tiered or have double tiers. The double tiered shutters allow the top part to be closed while the lower part of the shutters are open.

Plantation shutters are also of different types. There are the hardwood shutters, which are highly recommended for home installation. They have an aesthetic appeal, as they are fine-grained and have the finest finish. Additionally they are the most durable type of shutters. Most of the wooden plantation shutters are made from basswood.

Basswood is preferred as it does not wrap and has an excellent grain pattern and are the ones we mostly fit.

For a different feel and look, a homeowner would opt for exterior window shutters. They offer more security and decorative effects. They come in different styles and set to fit different types of windows.

Exterior shutter may come in the style of louvered shutters that are permanently slanted at an angle to allow air in. There are the exterior shutters designed as raised panels. They have the center panels thicker than the other panels and closely resemble a kitchen cabinet door.

Board-n-batten shutters are a type of exterior shutters that have slats arranged vertically either spaced or closely together. Bahamas shutters are resemble the louvered shutters but are they have a narrower frame that is divided vertically. The most suitable shutters for protection from storms and break-ins are the accordion shutters that fold from each side to be almost invisible.

If you are not sure which shutters would suit your home, don’t worry because we offer you all the advice you need.

Just call to make an appointment with us for the best advice and prices of plantation shutters in Bristol


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