Plantation Shutters UK

Buying Plantation Shutters in the UK, that are made here in the UK, can be very expensive.

That is why we have all our plantation shutters made for us at our own factory in China.

We pass the cost savings on to our customers and as you can read from our testimonials, we have many very happy clients. plantation shutters UK

Whether its interior shutters or exterior shutters, the quality is fantastic. Our shutters are all made from the very durable Basswood.

The process for buying plantation shutters from us is very simple.

The owner (that’s me)Paul, or one of my sons, will come to your home to discuss your needs, then the area is measured and the order taken.

We then progress that order to our factory in China and within a couple of weeks, you could have your shutters installed.

We believe that we offer the very best personal service when it comes to buying and fitting plantation shutters. We are a small family business that relies on complete customer satisfaction.

Give us a call, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

Call my wife Marina now…

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