Plantation Shutters Plymouth

All plantation shutters from us are custom made to fit any type or shape of window. We offers number of options of colours and finishes.

We fit all our shutters to suit your home d├ęcor, not the other way around. Whether its the lounge, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, we strive to meet your design needs.

Although there are many types of shutters, like vinyl, teak, teak, oak and composite (fake wood). By far the most enduring and most popular is basswood.shutters plymouth

Basswood is a natural product that brings a warmth and character and its long lasting and has a greater strength-to-weight ratio in its natural form than any other shutter material ever developed.

Of course one of the great strengths of basswood shutters is that it enables more custom shapes including longer louvers and extensions not possible with plastic or lesser materials.

Strong but light, basswood louvers can be extended further to create fewer, properly proportioned panels. These panels look better, weigh less and require less framing. Plastic and other, weak, heavy materials can only extend short lengths before drooping.

That is why for residents in Plymouth we recommend basswood shutters above all else.

Talk to us if you are in the market to improve the beauty of your home and are considering window shutters

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