Plantation Shutters In Surrey

There are many kinds of plantation shutters available for your home.

The main styles are Tier on Tier shutters, Café Style shutters and Full Length shutters.

Tier on Tier shutters consist of two sets of shutters, one above the other. This allows for each to be open or closed independently of the other – this will give greater control over light levels and of course privacy.

Café Style louver shutters are a very cost effective way to add a certain style to your home. They originate from French cafes and were originally used to create a cosy, private dining experience for diners.

Full Height shutters are window shutters that cover the whole  window. They are regarded as the simplest style of window shutters and can create a clean, but elegant effect and come in many different styles to suit all kinds of window shapes.

Affordable Shutters Surrey can offer you a wide range to choose from, our highly skilled tradesmen can transform the look of your home with plantation shutters.

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