Getting the best from Plantation Shutters

Shutters are a fantastic way to dress your windows and enhance the look of your home. Plantation shutters are versatile and can fit any window size and design which make the ideal for homes with different shaped or different sizes of windows.

Plantation shutters have increasingly gained popularity as they are extremely versatile and there are quite a number of advantages when you use shutters in your home. Shutters are a great choice for window treatment as they are very durable.Wooden shutters are strong and  with good and proper care, they will last al long time.

They are also easy to clean as all you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth and they do not need any other high maintenance care. They come in many different colors, styles and design so you can choose those which appeal to you and match your home décor. plantation shutters

Using shutters can instantly increase the aesthetics of your home especially if your windows are drab or unattractive. They can also update your house without having to do costly upgrades and they will make your house look modern as they lend a chic look to your home.

Shutters are not only aesthetic but they are also practical. In inclement weather, outside shutters are able to protect the windows from breaking and damage in storms.  With these types of shutters you’ll find extra insulation, so that if you live in a draughty house or a windy area, you will find that wooden shutters reduce the draught that finds its way into your home. This of course will help you make savings on your energy consumption.

Because of this type of design,  plantation shutters will not bang against then window in windy and stormy weather which can be very noisy. So you do not have to worry about additional noise in these cases.

Wooden shutters provide some form of noise insulation when they are fully closed, in your room or home which is practical if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or near a source of noise and wooden shutters are a great option for your home if you would like to regulate the amount of light that enters in a room.

If you have a conservatory and during the summer months it gets unbearably hot you can close the shutters but leave the shutter louvers open which will allow air to still come in and aerate the room. This can work for any other rooms in the house. You can also open the shutter louvers so that you are able to regulate the amount of light entering a room so that it is not too much. This also affords you some privacy as people will not be able to see into the room or your home but you will still be able to have light and air in your home.

If you have any questions on any aspect of plantation shutters, please do not hesitae to contact one of the team.

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