Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters are probably the most recognisable of all the shutters you’ll see.

When you look at them, they probably conjure romantic ideas of french cafes, the wafting fragrance of the French cigarette Gauloises – red wine being sloshed into glasses, by jovial french citizens. Cafe Style shutters surrey

Although Cafe Style Shutters, otherwise known as half height shutters have been around a long time, they are extremely practical for privacy as well as for letting plenty of light in.

They work well with bay windows, but look very good adorning any kind of window frame.

They work particularly well with tall windows and shutter frame normally covers half the height of the window – hence the name.

Half Height shutters have been around for over 500 years, in fact if you look at some images of the Tudor mansions of that time you will see that actually had this style shutter.

Glass was of course expensive and hard to get hold of, so a lot of homes that were built with window openings had glass at the top and solid planks which were pushed outwards to let the fresh air in or let the smells out!


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