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At Affordable Shutters, we have installed many plantation shutters in Bristol.

They can be installed to offer sunlight control, for security, to provide privacy, to protect against weather elements and to enhance aesthetics. Shutters are mounted to overlap the window or to fit within the opening. There are two types of shutters. They can be exterior shutters mounted on the outside or interior shutters. Plantation Shutters Bristol

Interior shutters hinge on both sides of the window and swing inwards to allow light to enter a room. There are different types of interior shutters though they all have louvers. There are those with operable louvers that rotate to open or close. These types are referred to plantation shutters, California shutters or traditional shutters.

The other type of interior shutters use immovable louvers that do not rotate. There are those shutters that are solid panels that can be raised, recessed or flat. There still other types that that are made from glass and others have decorative fabric inserted in them. Interior shutters may be single tiered or have double tiers. The double tiered shutters allow the top part to be closed while the lower part of the shutters are open.

Plantation shutters are also of different types. There are the hardwood shutters, which are highly recommended for home installation. They have an aesthetic appeal, as they are fine-grained and have the finest finish. Additionally they are the most durable type of shutters. Most of the wooden plantation shutters are made from basswood.

Basswood is preferred as it does not wrap and has an excellent grain pattern and are the ones we mostly fit.

For a different feel and look, a homeowner would opt for exterior window shutters. They offer more security and decorative effects. They come in different styles and set to fit different types of windows.

Exterior shutter may come in the style of louvered shutters that are permanently slanted at an angle to allow air in. There are the exterior shutters designed as raised panels. They have the center panels thicker than the other panels and closely resemble a kitchen cabinet door.

Board-n-batten shutters are a type of exterior shutters that have slats arranged vertically either spaced or closely together. Bahamas shutters are resemble the louvered shutters but are they have a narrower frame that is divided vertically. The most suitable shutters for protection from storms and break-ins are the accordion shutters that fold from each side to be almost invisible.

If you are not sure which shutters would suit your home, don’t worry because we offer you all the advice you need.

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Getting the best from Plantation Shutters

Shutters are a fantastic way to dress your windows and enhance the look of your home. Plantation shutters are versatile and can fit any window size and design which make the ideal for homes with different shaped or different sizes of windows.

Plantation shutters have increasingly gained popularity as they are extremely versatile and there are quite a number of advantages when you use shutters in your home. Shutters are a great choice for window treatment as they are very durable.Wooden shutters are strong and  with good and proper care, they will last al long time.

They are also easy to clean as all you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth and they do not need any other high maintenance care. They come in many different colors, styles and design so you can choose those which appeal to you and match your home décor. plantation shutters

Using shutters can instantly increase the aesthetics of your home especially if your windows are drab or unattractive. They can also update your house without having to do costly upgrades and they will make your house look modern as they lend a chic look to your home.

Shutters are not only aesthetic but they are also practical. In inclement weather, outside shutters are able to protect the windows from breaking and damage in storms.  With these types of shutters you’ll find extra insulation, so that if you live in a draughty house or a windy area, you will find that wooden shutters reduce the draught that finds its way into your home. This of course will help you make savings on your energy consumption.

Because of this type of design,  plantation shutters will not bang against then window in windy and stormy weather which can be very noisy. So you do not have to worry about additional noise in these cases.

Wooden shutters provide some form of noise insulation when they are fully closed, in your room or home which is practical if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or near a source of noise and wooden shutters are a great option for your home if you would like to regulate the amount of light that enters in a room.

If you have a conservatory and during the summer months it gets unbearably hot you can close the shutters but leave the shutter louvers open which will allow air to still come in and aerate the room. This can work for any other rooms in the house. You can also open the shutter louvers so that you are able to regulate the amount of light entering a room so that it is not too much. This also affords you some privacy as people will not be able to see into the room or your home but you will still be able to have light and air in your home.

If you have any questions on any aspect of plantation shutters, please do not hesitae to contact one of the team.

Plantation Shutters

Thinking of Buying Plantation shutters

Our plantation shutters are made from high quality basswood, from the Lime Tree family, which makes the shutters strong and durable and are imported from our factory in China, which is also run by a small company there.

We have many satisfied customers and have been established as a family owned company since 2005. The owner Paul Vincent, has worked in the shutter industry since 1995.

We believe in offering a high quality personal service.

We are a small team and for quotations on plantation shutters, you will probably be visited by Paul or one of his sons, Harry or Jake.

In fact it may be Paul or one of his other sons that carry out the fitting too.

Being a small team they can offer a truly a personal service and keen prices too.plantation shutters cost calculator

There are many different designs of shutters. When we visit your home we will give you the best advice to suit the rooms that you are having the shutters fitted to.

Whether it be full height shutters, café style shutters or the tier on tier style, we have an option for you to suit your room and budget.

Plantation shutters date back to the 19th century and have become very popular here in the UK in the last two decades because of the many benefits they provide. Like the control of light, in and out of the room, their durability, their insulation properties. And of course the privacy shutters can give you.

For advice on any aspect of Plantation Shutters, call us today.

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